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Wat gebeur by die Bosveldfees?

LEPHALALE – Die Bosveldfees is bekend vir goeie sangers, kosstalletjies, potjiekos en vele meer. Wie tree op? Wat kos dit? Noordelike Nuus het by die feeskomitee gaan aanklop vir inligting.​

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 23 June 2017 By Helena Raats 0

How to put together a university application kit

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 08 June 2017 By Press Release

With university application season now in full swing for Matrics who want to pursue further studies next year, stress levels in homes across the country are rising as a result of the demanding administrative requirements associated with the process.​ But it can be made significantly smoother and less onerous if learners take some time to put together an application survival kit before starting to complete their applications, an education expert says.

How to manage risk for the inexperienced driver

It’s every young person’s dream and every parent’s nightmare – when our sons and daughters get the keys to their very first set of wheels and can officially drive themselves to where they need to go. Besides the nostalgia surrounding your child’s impending independence, there are important issues of safety and insurance costs that go hand in hand with being a young and inexperienced driver.​

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 08 June 2017 By Press Release 0

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