Bouwer Bosch stel nuwe enkelsnit bekend!

Bouwer Bosch is ongetwyfeld een van die uniekste talente wat Suid-Afrika nog opgelewer het!  Met sy eiesoortige klank en aanslag trap hy diep spore in sy aanhangers se harte. Sy splinternuwe enkelsnit, VERBY, stel beslis nie teleur nie!

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 18 October 2017 By Press Release 0

Are your children prepared for the future?

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 09 October 2017 By Minda Marshall

The prediction that in a few years, millions of jobs will be lost to technology is indeed a challenging thought and could also be a reason for concern in many minds. The main concern, however, is our children’s future. How do we prepare them for a future that is changing at an almost unreasonable pace? By Minda Marshall

Receptionist and administrative position available

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 05 October 2017

MOKOPANE - A well know guesthouse in Mokopane needs the services of a professional Front Office Receptionist and Administrator. The new staff member must be a positive and energetic individual with high standards of presentation and communication and must excel in guest service delivery.

Parents: How to replace screen time constructively

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 20 September 2017 By Press Release

Most parents are very aware that too much screen time for young children isn’t a good thing, but many are just as uncertain about what exactly the problem is and, importantly, how time can be more constructively spent without it becoming an additional daily burden adding to the stress of the adults.​

Exam cheating could destroy your life - do this instead!

With university and Matric exams looming, desperate learners and students who feel that cheating may be their only shot at passing should reconsider, and not only for ethical reasons, an education expert says. “At this stage, you may feel that it is the only option remaining for you, but what you think is the quickest and easiest route may very well destroy your future, and have repercussions that follow you throughout your life,” says Dr Gillian Mooney, Dean: Academic Development and Support at The Independent Institute of Education SA’s largest and most accredited private higher education institution.

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 18 October 2017 By Press Release 0

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Can’t pay your home loan? Here’s what to do

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 29 August 2017 By Press Release

 For thousands of South Africans a buying a house or apartment is one of, if not the biggest financial investment they’ll ever make. “Everyone needs somewhere to live and, in most cases, I would advise people to buy, rather than rent as they’re investing in their own futures as opposed to paying off someone else’s mortgage,” says Bruce Swain, CEO of Leapfrog Property Group, “That being said buying a house is an expensive undertaking and buyers need to be very sure they can make the monthly bond repayments.”​

A quick guide to paying occupational rent?

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 24 August 2017 By Press Release

Once the sales agreement has been signed it still takes a number of weeks (generally around 12) for a property to be transferred from the seller to the buyer. Depending on how quickly a buyer’s property sells, or on when their current lease agreement expires, they might decide to take early occupation of their new home.​

Geleentheid beskikbaar vir kontrakteur

Lifestyle/Leefstyl: 24 August 2017

Daar is tans ʼn geleentheid vir ʼn kontrakteur in Ellisras. Die kontrakteur moet verantwoordelikheid aanvaar vir die dag-tot-dag-bedryf van die skenkingswinkel soortgelyk aan die verantwoordelikhede van ʼn normale besigheidseienaar of konsessiehouer.​


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